I volunteer for an organization called Young Life. It is a Christian ministry that is based out of high schools instead of churches. On Monday nights we hold a weekly event called Young Life Club. This is a night where kids can come, let loose, play games, sing, dance, enjoy some quality entertainment, and at the end of the night hear about Jesus.

Twice a year all of the high schools get together to put on a “Super Club” with 6 different high schools. This event can have upwards of 200 kids and is definitely the best way to spend a Monday night.

I was in charge of doing video and photos for the event. Something that I really enjoy doing. But trying to capture live events has its challenges. When you are shooting live events there is no telling people to go back and do that again because you didn’t get the right shot. You only have one chance to capture moments. If you miss it, then there is no do over.

This is a lot of pressure, but luckily I thrive in the pressure. Plus I have been getting lots of practice capturing these events over the past 2 years.

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